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Allqo Llaqta Rescue Centre was created in early 2018 in Urubamba, Peru, and is a project of the Organization "Asociación Para La Protección Animal Ambiental And Cultural Peru" (APAAC-PERU), which means Association for the Animal, Environmental and Cultural Protection of Peru, a registered non-profit organization in Peru. The name of the APAAC-PERU project "Allqo LLaqta" are Quechua words (which is the language of the Incas) that translate as "Land of Dogs" in Spanish or "Dog Land" in English.

There are a lot of suffering, abused and injured street dogs roaming the streets and rural areas of the Sacred Valley. Allqo Llaqta was created to create humane and sustainable solutions to manage the stray overpopulation, to address their medical needs, to provide them with shelter and medical care with the goal of being adopted. Allqo Llaqta was created as well as to promote and support initiatives and actions that help raise awareness among the population for responsible ownership and respect for animals, especially in children and adolescents.

Allqo Llaqta is a project that does not receive any funding from the government, so the funds come exclusively from people interested in being part of this beautiful and challenging experience of helping defenceless dogs in the Sacred Valley.

Hugo Fabrizio Cartagena Pinelo, the founder of the Association APAAC-PERU and founder of the Rescue Centre Allqo Llaqta, is a registered veterinarian and zoo technician (tuition number 5099 from the Veterinary Medical College of Peru).

The Association for the Animal, Environmental and Cultural Protection of Peru APAAC-PERU with the Allqo Llaqta Project has the non-profit organization registration number N °: 2018 - 01141106


The story of Allqo Llaqta

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  • How was Allqo LLaqta created?

  • Why was Allqo LLaqta created?

  • About the founder


What will we do to help street dogs?

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  • Our goals

  • Our work in the rescue centre

  • Our work with schools

  • What geographical area do we to cover?


The rescue centre

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  • Where is the rescue centre?

  • What facilities do we have?

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