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Street dog in Urubamba


Street dog in the central market of Urubamba


Rescued street dog, relaxing in our centre

Why we need you to donate

The Allqo Llaqta project needs donations because a non-profit organization is developing it. No funds come from the government.

So far it has been developed with the founder’s funds; however, we know that the management, maintenance and other activities will need a budget that will be difficult to cover with the founder’s own.


You can make a one-time donation or a monthly donation

Allqo Llaqta (APAAC-PERU) non-profit Peru registration number: 2018 – 01141106

How your financial donations will be used right now

We can differentiate donations from two defined objectives:

1. The first objective is the operation and maintenance of the centre.

2. The second objective is the construction of all planned facilities.

The donations will be used as follow:

- Finish building all facilities, and organize the facilities that are already built

- Acquire x-ray and ultrasound equipment

- Acquire the supplies to make the food that will be provided to the rescued animals

- Acquire medical supplies, medicines, materials for sterilizations and treatments of the rescued animals.

- Acquire the raw material for the development of natural medicines for deworming treatments and other treatments of animals in the centre.

- Finance the development of posters, brochures, and other media (it is planned to use recycled materials)

Donate supplies

The types of supplies we need immediately and hope that that you could kindly donate:


- The most urgent supplies are for the one extra room to house the dogs

- We need supplies for the construction of the four additional volunteer rooms in prefabricated wood

- We need supplies to build the grooming station

- We need supplies to build the quarantine area


- X-ray equipment

- Echography equipment

- Medications (Antibiotics, vaccines, anesthetics, antiseptics)

- Surgical nails


- Small vehicle for use as an ambulance

- Gas stove

- Food preservatives

- Meat and vegetables to prepare the animals’ food

- Water heater for dog bath

- Dog hair grooming machine

- Shampoo for dogs

- Combs and scissors

- Mesh for shade in open areas

- Dog toys

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