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Our goals


  • Help to progressively reduce the number of street dogs in the Sacred Valley through permanent sterilization campaigns

  • Create and strengthen a culture of responsible pet ownership in the Sacred Valley, especially with the municipal government, children and teenagers through posters, lectures at schools and educational institutions, radio and television, and campaigns on social networks

  • Provide rehabilitation, recovery and adoption opportunities for dogs rescued from the street

  • Continue with and improve the educational work with primary and high schools, through student volunteering, talks, shelter visits and adoptions

  • Work with the municipality to conduct the registration of pets in the city to identify the owners of street dogs

  • Welcome street dogs in our centre, rescue and rehabilitate them, spay or neuter them, and make them available for adoption

  • Rescue old dogs, rehabilitate them and create a program for the adoption of elderly dogs by older adults

  • Help and rehabilitate injured dogs that are run over

  • Develop a voluntary program for temporary adoptions of rescued younger dogs

  • Install in various businesses and other areas of the city that are covered, watering holes and food dispensers to help stray dogs to be protected from the inclement weather and to find a little food and water.

Our current work

Animal rescue


Lobito was burned with boiling water and is the first dog rescued by Allqo Llaqta


Lobito has recovered and is looking for a house


Injured street dog rescued and treated by Fabrizio


4-year-old street dog rescued and treated by Fabrizio after being run over somewhere in Urubamba


One of the rescued dog from the street of Urubamba


Our very first student volunteer rescued two puppies from being thrown in the river

  • We identify dogs in a state of abandonment and street situation, capture them, then go through a process of evaluation of their health, determining age, sex, nutritional conditions, and possible diseases

  • The young dogs, under 12 months, are placed with volunteers who give them a temporary home (as a one-week quarantine). Then they are vaccinated and placed in the Allqo Llaqta shelter for adoption

  • Dogs older than 12 months are evaluated and treated if necessary, dewormed and vaccinated, bathed and placed in the Allqo Llaqta shelter for adoption

  • To improve the life of street dogs that can not be placed in the Allqo Llaqta Rescue Centre, drinking troughs, food dispensers and sheds will be installed in different parts of the cities and rural areas of the Sacred Valley

Our work with schools

A Friends of the Animals club is being developed as a pilot program in two primary schools in the city of Urubamba to create awareness and education about responsible pet ownership and respect for animal life in general. The club members will help with some activities at the Allqo Llaqta Rescue Centre such as walking the dogs, playing with them, bathing them, etc.

Temporary Cradle program


We have right now a Temporary Cradle Program. A very young puppy cannot go to the centre right away, so the idea is to have a volunteer keep it for a short time until it is ready to go to the rescue centre, which means they have passed the quarantine time and they are healthy and vaccinated.

Old Friends Program


This program aims at getting senior dogs adopted by senior people. These older dogs do not need to exercise a lot, so they are a good company for them. Before adoption, the elderly dogs receive rehabilitation and physiotherapy to guarantee their quality of life.

Children and Dogs Program


In this program, the volunteers give talks in schools and teach children about being responsible with pets.

Sterilization and health campaign in the Sacred Valley


We are doing on a regular basis sterilization campaign and health campaign both for stray dogs and for owned dogs.


What geographical area do we cover?

The main objective is to work at the level of the province of Urubamba and the Sacred Valley and participate and support activities related to animal protection at the level of the region of Cusco and nationally.

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