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We need qualified vets who are prepared to work in challenging conditions.  You will occasionally witness difficult situations. You will be contributing to helping control the overpopulation of strays and lessening the pain of animals.

You will need to spay and neuter animals; as well as examine and treat pets. We especially welcome experienced vets and vet nurses.

Positions at Allqo LLaqta for senior vets

Senior vets who are qualified and have a minimum of two years’ experience while qualified; and who are experienced with sterilizations of small animals.

Fabrizio is our permanent vet, but we are highly dependent on our volunteers to be committed and flexible.

We need applicants to inform us of their comfort level regarding performing independently under these situations.

Positions for recent grads (graduated within the past year)

Work with senior vets

Fabrizio has a full-time vet practice and won’t be able to supervise you constantly so you will only be permitted to work as a vet when there is a senior vet in attendance.

We place new grads with senior vets for mentorship and training. The new grad will be allowed to perform sterilizations and basic surgical procedures independently once their senior vet deems them capable.

We can occasionally arrange a placement in which we place the grad with a departing vet for a few weeks and allow the remainder of their time to be independent if they prove to be capable. This opportunity is dependent on availability.


Applicants who are flexible regarding their availability can request notification when an opportunity arises.

Integration into general volunteer schedule

If a senior volunteer vet is not available, we ask that recent grads be integrated into the regular schedule with other regular volunteers. Duties will include general animal husbandry and management of shelter/clinic operations. Because they will be the only trained medical staff present, we will depend on them to respond to the demands of incoming patients and centre residents. However, they will not be permitted to perform invasive surgical procedures.


Positions for vet nurses

We depend on vet nurses to be flexible in their roles as well. They will be providing support to both vets and general volunteers. They will assist in sterilizations and surgical procedures. They will also administer medication and vaccinations to patients and shelter residents.

Positions for vet students

We do not provide school credit to students; however, we gladly offer the opportunity to observe and offer hands-on assistance with basic support for medical staff.  Placement of vet students is dependent on timing and availability.

Volunteer vet schedule

Our vet's schedule:

- 5 days a week: 6 hrs per day

- Two days off per week

- Sterilizations for several animals at a time will be scheduled, dependent on the availability of volunteer staff. 


- Because we don’t have a lot of sophisticated medical equipment, we are not always able to perform some of our diagnostics and procedures in Urubamba.


- We will occasionally need you to accompany the animals to Cusco, about 1 hour away, for said procedures.

- In addition to the above, you will need to conduct regular health checks on all of Allqo Llaqta's animals.

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