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Public hours

When we have volunteers, which is most of the time, we welcome visitors daily from 10 am to 4 pm. Our gate is closed for safety reasons, so please knock on the gate or use our doorbell and we will open the gate.



Our address: 28B Carretera Urubamba Ollantaytambo - Sector Huincho A1, Urubamba 08660, Peru

The rescue centre is located 500 meters from Urubamba, directly on the highway, opposite the Alhambra Hacienda.


Take a tour

Just show up during our public hours, and we would be very happy to welcome you to our rescue centre, where you can see our work for yourself! We will provide you with a guided tour of the facilities and introduce you to our rescued animals. This tour is free.

You can take of our rescued dogs for a walk outside the centre (the ones we deem appropriate). During the walk, the dog must always be on a leash.


Take a rescue dog for a walk


Help us with daily tasks

You can help with cleaning the facilities, grooming the dogs and/or socializing with the dogs (the ones we deem appropriate), gardening, or any other casual daily tasks that are needed at the time. We welcome any help, 1 hr, 2 hrs, 4 hrs!

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